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Workshop: Ovulation Predictor Kits

As a registered nurse, The Warrior Coach recognizes that not all tasks and skills related to fertility come naturally. Ovulation predictor kits (OPKs) are a learned skill. Yes, you can read the instructions on the box, but there is so much more to understand about your body when it comes to cycling and ovulating. We know that for some, you do receive some support from your fertility clinic. For those who are not pursuing professional healthcare support or feel that you are needing more than the current support, this workshop is for you.

Join us virtually for this live 45-minute workshop on ovulation predictor kits.  Providing you with evidence informed information and tips that will leave you feeling more knowledgeable, confident, and prepared to start using your OPKs.

In this live 45-minute workshop you will learn:

  • What an Ovulation Predictor Kit is

  • When to start testing

  • How to test

  • Kit Variations/Interpreting

  • Tracking Ovulation

  • Intercourse

  • Do’s and Don’ts

  • Options if OPKs don’t work for you


All of our workshops have a Q&A segment to answer those burning questions!


Also included:

  • Ovulation Tracking Fillable PDF for your mobile device





Don’t feel like joining in with a group but still interested in learning more? No problem! Here at The Warrior Coach, we recognize that discussions about fertility can be a private matter for some. Check out the one-on-one virtual sessions if you would like a little more personalized, private approach to your learning.  

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