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Infertility Acronyms: Understanding the Lingo

The world of fertility is complex enough when you are starting your treatment journey let alone trying to decipher what the heck all of the acronyms and abbreviations mean that your healthcare professionals or fellow fertility warriors are using. SHG, ART, ICSI, AH, BHCG… just to name a few. At The Warrior Coach, the goal is to have you feeling educated as you are going through treatment or sharing your experience. Let’s have less “relying on my physician and nurse to guide me towards success” and more of “I understand what, why, and how” during your journey to conceiving. Let’s take control of what we can with your treatment and have you feeling confident that you know exactly what is going on!

Here are some commonly used medically approved and non-approved acronyms and abbreviations so you can crack the codes:









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