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How The Warrior Coach could have helped Kelcey

Our infertility journey started in mid 2014. I knew as a teenager that I had PCOS but at that age I did not really know exactly what it all entailed for me. So after coming off contraceptives we tried without success for a year. I had done some research before we started about ovulation, healthy diets and supplements to take and read that it can take healthy couples a year to get pregnant. Well eighteen months passed and no success. I had no one I could talk to and a partner who worked away from home a few weeks at a time. I still felt the stigma of dealing with infertility. Those who I did tell would just say stop stressing or trying too hard and it will happen. Definitely not how it works. I made the appointment to get referred to a fertility clinic. After many tests and many cycles on fertility medication we finally found out we were pregnant in March 2017. Having this type of service would have helped my mental health tremendously. When I discovered this service our family was complete. I also realized that there is so much I did not know and I am still learning about PCOS and my body. Just having support as I was the only one in my circle of friends or family dealing with infertility. To me these services being offered through The warrior Coach are invaluable and I highly recommend them. You will always walk away feeling supported and informed.

- Kelcey


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